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Blade & Soul: How to Fix Input Lag

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 08, 2016 2:13 am    Post subject: Blade & Soul: How to Fix Input Lag Reply with quote

As most of you are probably aware, the engine that Blade and Soul runs on has a noticeable amount of input lag with the mouse keys. You can test it yourself stand still and mash your left click, observing your LMB skill. You'll notice that the blue highlight around your skill icon only flashes every ~200ms instead of whenever you press it. Then mash the R button (the alternate hotkey for your LMB skill) and you'll notice that it highlights much more quickly and accurately. This can become an issue when doing things like Destroyer animation cancelling or stacking Force Master debuffs and you'll see many streamers and high ranking players opting to use their LMB/RMB skills with keyboard shortcuts instead. However, if you're like me and and are used to using the mouse buttons for mostly everything then you're out of luck.
There are two ways around this problem:

1) Constantly move around your camera while pressing your mouse buttons - for some reason this bypasses the 200ms delay. This can get really inconvenient as you might imagine.

2) Rebind your mouse buttons to keyboard keys. However, this prevents you from using your inventory and shops and whatnot, making it impractical.

In order to solve this, I'll be showing you how to configure a setup that lets you toggle your mouse buttons between your keyboard for combat and ordinary mouse buttons for using your inventory.

Step 0: If you haven't already, configure the keyboard shortcuts you'll be binding your LMB/RMB skills to. Go to Options -> Settings -> Key Bindings -> Skills: Contextual Skills 1 and 2 are your LMB and RMB skills respectively as you can see I have mine bound to R and T. Make sure you are changing the shortcuts under Classic Mode and not BnS Mode.

Step 1: We'll be using a small piece of software called X-Button Mouse Control: Download and install it, should be pretty quick. (Before anyone tells me to get Blade & Soul Gold, I already tried to do this with an AutoHotkey script but it doesn't seem to work.) The only other way to do what we're doing is to edit the registry, and I'm pretty sure no one wants to do that while playing Blade and Soul. Edit: You must install this on the same drive that Blade and Soul is on!

Step 2: Open up the program - you may have to right-click it in the tray and select "Setup" to get the window to show. A window should come up that looks like this: On the right, select "Layer 2" (it's important that you keep layer 1 blank). Click on the dropdown menu for the Right Button - we'll be using this for testing purposes in case something goes wrong. Scroll all the way to "Simulated Keys (undefined)" and select it. A window should come up.

Step 3: In the "custom key(s)" field goes the key you set your RMB skill to. Select "3 During (press on down, release on up)" from the dropdown menu. It should look like this when you're done: Press OK.

Step 4: Click Settings in the very bottom left. In the General tab, check "Bypass ALL actions when SCROLL LOCK is ON" and uncheck "Show layer switch balloon notifications". In the Hotkeys tab, check "Enable global hotkeys" and then find "Next Layer": Click in the box and choose any toggle key that you think will be easy to use as this will be the key that you use for switching between mouse modes. I have mine on the ` or ~ key but you can do things like CTRL+Shift+F or whatever you like just make sure a key like that doesn't exist in game. Click OK to save your settings, and then Apply. Close (minimize) the window for now.

Step 5: Go to a text box, press your toggle key that you set in step 4 and right click a couple times. If you did everything correctly your right click should be typing letters and not actually clicking. (If you messed up and broke your mouse buttons you can press Scroll Lock to disable the program's functions temporarily and then you may need Blade & Soul Power leveling.) Once you've confirmed that it works reopen the window, go back to the Layer 2 tab and select and fill out the Simulated Keys dropdown for Left Button in the same way you did in step 3; only with the other Contextual Skill hotkey this time.

Optional last step: disable the program from automatically opening during startup if you feel it may get in your way. I'm not going to write a guide doing that since it's easy, differs between operating systems and is just a Google search away.
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